The natural beauty of the surrounding Beit Shemesh region will be enhanced by beautifully manicured parks and state of the art playgrounds to create outdoor spaces to be shared and enjoyed by all ages. Parents and children will meet at thoughtfully designed playgrounds and beautiful parks will offer families the chance to spend down time together playing, picnicking and enjoying the aesthetic surroundings. Care will be taken to create common grounds beautified by colorful plantlife and flora that will serve as a constant reminder of Artzenu Hakdosha.



The Sherman Family
Simi (31) and Talia (31) are both originally from Silver Spring, MD. Talia studied at MMY, earned her BA in psychology from Stern College, and then received an MSW from Hunter College. Simi learned in Yeshivat Shaalvim for 2 years before continuing on to Yeshiva University, where he earned a BA in Economics, an MA in Education, and Semicha. Simi also holds an MBA from Lynn University.

After finishing their studies in NY, the Shermans moved down to Boca Raton, FL to become part of the Boca Raton Community Kollel. After living in Boca for 4 years they decided it was time to make aliyah and in the Summer of 2009 the Shermans moved to Ramat Shilo, where they have been ever since. They have 4 children, Akiva (6) Nachshon (6), Penina (4), and Ephraim (2).
Simi currently teaches in a number of post high school yeshivot and seminaries and Talia works as a virtual administrator for a small business back in the US. The Shermans could not be happier living in Israel!


US: 718 705 4614
US: 718 705 4614


Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, rabbi of the community, and Shelly Levine from Tivuch Shelly, the exclusive agent of the project, will be hosting informational “open house” meetings in the following areas:

    The Geffners

    • Five Towns / Far Rockaway
      Sunday, September 7  |  8:00 PM
      Home of Malky & Yisroel Fulda
      351 Beach 12th Street
    • Kew Garden Hills
      Monday, September 8  |  8:00 PM
      Home of  Lauren & Michael Mandelstam
      141-08 73rd Terrace
    • Washington Heights
      Tuesday, September 9  |  8:30 PM
      Home of Elana & Ashie Schreier
      475 West 186th Apt. 6F
    • Teaneck / Bergenfield
      Wednesday, September 10  |  8:00 PM
      Home of Alyssa & Daniel Barzideh
      34 Laurel Court

      In addition to learning about the vision of the community, as well as important housing and financing information, attendees of the open house will be eligible for special pricing options and will also receive a special voucher for $10,000* towards their Aliya moving expenses - redeemable upon purchase of a home in Ganei Ha’Ela. Click here for Terms and Conditions.


      Ganei Ha’Ela has already achieved remarkable success with over 60% of the available homes sold!  With the infrastructure already completed, final building permits are expected after the chagim, and construction is scheduled to begin immediately thereafter. The over 40 families who have already joined Ganei Ha’Ela represent a cross-section of backgrounds, blending recent olim from North America with English and Hebrew speaking families already living in greater Beit Shemesh and throughout Israel.


      While in New York Ganei Ha’Ela will be introducing two new affordable home models: the Gilboa, a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom triplex, with a 440 sq. ft. finished attic, for $385,000* and the Hermon, a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom triplex, with a 740 sq. ft. finished attic, for $490,000*. Both models feature large terraces with spectacular views. You can learn more about our homes by clicking here.


      To RSVP for the open house or to schedule a private meeting or for any questions regarding the project, email or call (646) 783-8408.

      * All dollar prices are based on a 3.5 shekel dollar exchange rate. Prices are displayed in dollars for reference purposes only. All homes will be sold at shekel prices.



Rob (34) is from Brooklyn, went to Yeshiva of Flatbush, Yeshivat Hakotel, and then YU and RIETS. He works full time for YU as a program manager for the highly regarded as well as a freelance graphic designer. Aviva (34) grew up in Teaneck, went to Bruriah, MMY, and then Stern. She was a graphic designer for Simon & Schuster Children’s Books, and now works as a freelance graphic designer and full-time mom.
They have been married for 6 years and have 3 kids - Tzachi (5) Shira (4) and Bentzion (4 months). After living in Washington Heights for 5 years they made aliyah in the Summer of 2011.


Israel: 054-464-8695
Israel: 052-505-2853


The Geffner Family

Avi (32) was born and raised in Staten Island, NY and attended Yeshivah of Flatbush, Hakotel, and YU. Since graduating from YU, Avi has been working in public accounting. Michal (32) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and attended Yeshivah of Flatbush, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and Stern. After graduating from Stern, Michal earned an MSW from Wulzweiler and worked in private practice in the states for a few years. She now has a private social work practice in Israel.


Avi and Michal met in the Yeshivah of Flatbush and now have four kids ranging in ages from 3 through 9. Avi and Michal fulfilled their life-long dream and made aliyah in 2011 after living in Bergenfield, NJ for 5 years.


Israel: 052-276-3189
Israel: 052-276-7516


Ganei Ha'Ela offers a range of homes from 120 square meters to luxurious 298 meters. Click here to see our models.


Ariel (30) grew up in the Five Towns, went to Mevaseret, did Hesder through Yeshivat Midbara K’Eden (Mitzpe Ramon) and Hakotel, and served in the IDF’s Golani Brigade. Upon completing Hesder, he returned to the States, earned a BS in Computer Science from Lander College, and started working as a programmer in the software industry.
Estie (30) was born and raised in Brooklyn, went to MMY, and attended Stern College. She worked for several years as an administrator in New York Presbyterian Hospital while simultaneously earning her MPA in Health Management from NYU.
Ariel and Estie lived in Kew Gardens Hills together with their sons Netanel (4) and Yehudah (2) before making aliyah this past summer to Ramat Shilo. Ariel is currently working as a software engineer at AOL in Tel Aviv while Estie is seeking new employment opportunities.



The West Family
Born in Silver Spring Maryland, Yohai (33) came to Yeshivat Hakotel after high school and never left. After 3 years in yeshiva including 9 months in Machal hesder - Givati Brigade Yohai went to earn a BSc. in Technology Marketing & Management at Machon Lev Jerusalem College of Technology. Yohai currently works as a Product Marketing Manager at NICE Systems, Ra'anana.
Yael (32) was born and raised in Shaarie Chessed Yerushalayim. After Beis Yaakov Yael went on to study Graphic design. Yael is currently a full time mom.

Yael and Yohai have been living in RBS for over 9 years. Noam (9) learns at Darchei Noam. Rachel (7) learns Bnos Beis Yaakov-Bnos Malks and Yisrael Reuven or 'Sruvi' (4) will join his brother I"YH next year at Darchei Noam.


Israel: 02-9923247
Israel: 02-9923247

From Israel: 052-569-6143

From the US: (410) 653-2333

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, the leader of the Ganei Ha’Ela community, is the former rabbi of Congregation Shomrei Emunah, a prominent synagogue in Baltimore, MD. In August, 2010 Rabbi Gottlieb and his family made aliyah to Israel, where they currently live in Ramat Shilo, a suburb of Ramat Beit Shemesh.


While at Shomrei Emunah Rabbi Gottlieb was known for his inspiring talks, numerous weekly shiurim, high energy, and strong leadership, as well as for his deep care and concern for every member.


Since making aliyah Rabbi Gottlieb has taught at Yeshivat Shaalvim, Midreshet AMIT, and Mercaz Tiferet, and has also lectured for Adult Education programs in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Yerushalayim, Chashmona’im, and Modi’in. He is currently writing a book on the Laws of Yom Tov for the OU Press and this coming year Rabbi Gottlieb is excited to be a Ram at Yeshivat Ashreinu, a new yeshiva in Beit Shemesh.


A highly regarded teacher, Rabbi Gottlieb has also served as a Scholar in Residence for numerous communities in the United States and Israel, and was one of the featured speakers at the recent Siyum Hashas at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.


Rabbi Gottlieb received his rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University (RIETS), where he was also a member of their prestigious Wexner Kollel Elyon. In addition to publishing numerous articles and co-editing two scholarly works, Rabbi Gottlieb is the author of Ateret Yaakov, a book of in-depth essays about a wide range of halachic topics.


Over 400 of Rabbi Gottlieb’s classes and articles are available online at


Click here to read Rabbi Gottlieb’s moving “Goodbye Drasha” to his community in Baltimore.


Click here to listen to Rabbi Gottlieb’s inspiring remarks at the 12th Siyum Hashas.